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We are Phuc and Michael, fine Art wedding photographers based in Provence.


Coming from artistic backgrounds, such as industrial design and cinema, it's our creative mind and our love for beautiful images, that naturally led us to make wedding photos.

Married, with 3 children, we support together our wonderful couples to create and share priceless memories.


We are inspired by beauty of simple things, romantic details and beautiful emotions. 

We love to work with natural light, and compose with all details, background and the moment, to tell your most beautiful story.

Our artistic approach will bring to your images elegance and softness, to make them timeless.


We are happy to make these photos live as long as possible, and so proud of what they bring you.

Being by your side to capture your happiness, your tears and laughter, and capturing life as it is, that's what we love doing.


Monsieur et Madame Charles

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